Required Tools

You will need some way of connecting to a shell on This will enable you to the command line on the server e.g. move files with mv or create directories with mkdir. Your options are:

You will need one of the following to transfer files to the web server

First Time Connecting

Now to connect to a shell on You will have to do this once to set a new password for your account before attempting to transfer files. Also, it may be helpful to connect to the server's shell later to move files and create directories. You username will be your GFU username and your default password will be your student ID. For example with the ssh command do

Note: No characters will appear when you type your password! You will have to enter your student id again, then give it a new password. The server will then disconnect you.

Transferring Files

Transferring files with the GUI applications i.e. WinSCP and Cyberduck is simply a matter of drag and drop. For the command line tool scp, you will transfer files like this:

scp yourfile.html
Note: there is a colon and a dot at the end of the line. That command will copy the file yourfile.html from your computer to the web server. The file will end up in your home directory and you will have to connect to the server's shell i.e. use ssh to move it to your web directory. Alternatively, you can copy the file directly to an existing directory, in this example lab1 with the following command:
scp yourfile.html